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Selection procedure

Following the publication of each project invitation, the procedure comprises a series of stages listed below:

- Obtain application pack from Road Safety Foundation offices,
- Response from project initiators
- Chair of Scientific Committee verifies eligibility and appoints experts responsible for evaluating project and rapporteur. Each project will normally be assessed by two experts: a member of the SC, acting as rapporteur, and an external expert. A second external expert may be called upon, if necessary. Under no circumstances may the candidates know the names of the experts appointed for their project.
- Scientific committee meets to assess and select projects, subject if appropriate to requests for modifications
- Unsuccessful candidates are notified of the reasons for rejection
- Board validates projects to be funded by the Foundation
- Contracts drafted and signed by successful project initiators and the Foundation.

If appropriate, multiple selection processes may be organised for each project invitation.

Eligibility criteria

Applications for project support must satisfy the following eligibility criteria:

- Application submitted by deadlines, complete and in required format,
- Duration of more than 12 months and less than three years,
- Project coordinator not a member either of Board or SC of the Foundation,
- Research and Development within scope of project invitation,
- If appropriate, contractualised collaborative status (at least in the form of a letter of intent),
- At least 75% of costs accounted for in calculation of overall project costs to be incurred within the territory of the European Union.